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How to get item accepted?


In order for an item to be accepted on ProducerBox it needs to follow the upload instructions and fulfill our quality standards. Each item type has its own upload instructions and file preparation guidelines.

As a general guide, all items require:

  • A Preview: This might be a .mp3 audio file or other file type depending on what item type you are uploading.
  • A Download File: A main downloadable ZIP complete with help instructions and files for buyer download.
  • Extras: Some item types require extra uploads for added preview systems, or other usage. Some items may require help files. Check the upload instructions for details.
  • Titles: Item titles should be grammatically correct and capitalize the first letter of each word. (e.g., “30 Fabric Textures”) Titles should be descriptive but avoid subjective language (“beautiful” “awesome” etc).
  • Tags: Provide helpful tags to help buyers find your file using search.

One of the main technical requirements is that the downloadable ZIP contains files that are as customizable as possible. By making files customizable you increase their value to the customer.

By keeping the ProducerBox Marketplace packed with high quality content, we ensure that buyers are more likely to come here to find items they need. This increases sales, and profits everyone. When the review staff inspect your items, they will be considering these criteria:

  • How useful is the item to buyers?
  • Does the item contain any potentially offensive content?
  • Is the item aesthetically of a high standard?
  • Is the item well constructed?
  • Is the item customizable?

If for some reason an item does not meet one or more of these requirements, the reviewer will outline the reason the item has not been approved and describe any specific improvements that need to be made.

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